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Have you always wondered why your Social Media accounts haven't quite grown the way you'd have liked them to?

🤫 Well... there's a statistic that Facebook don't want you to know! 🤫

Your content is only shown to around 3% of your audience organically (WITHOUT paid ads).

WITH proper investment and targeting however, you could be looking at 100% and far beyond! To people that actually want to ENGAGE with you and your product... now that's exciting!

Long story short, Ad's are what Facebook WANT businesses to use. As their main source of income, they're going to put measures in place to be sure we're taking part; they're a business too at the end of the day! 😌

TOGETHER with expert knowledge of the system, we can help YOU grow, utilizing all aspects of the tools provided to us... plus a few tricks of our own of course. Get your product out there and most importantly... 📈

INCREASE SALES and generate RETURN on your investment! 💰



It's simple. Along with a great offer and a targeted audience, great IMAGERY is the key to capturing the attention of your prospective customer.

📸 This is where we come into our own. 📸

Chris Harvey Visuals has specialised in professional content creation for almost 10 years and has consistently delivered exceptional results for our clients.

Where other agencies differ, is that they will have to outsource this work... The photographer not knowing the true goals of our mission, varied results depending on experience, not to mention hidden surcharges on top for organising such a service... This is where we are in a very fortunate position! 👑

All content creation used for future ad campaigns and social media postings will be created in house, saving you money as well as providing what we like to think as some of the best in class imagery for your business. 🙌



Every service we provide is bespoke...

We have no 'One Size Fits All' package as every business is different!

Therefore, we will do the proper research on how to get the best results for you prior to any kick-off discussion and also best explain to process to you. This is for both parties to be sure that we are a proper fit for each other, as we don't just work with anyone! We want to be sure that we can generate significant ROI for you and your company, that you are passionate about your product and willing to do what it takes in order to increase sales!

Image by Nathan Dumlao


Professional Freelance Content Creator 

& Digital Marketing Specialist based in Norwich, UK.

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